Why Carshare

Carsharing is good for the environment, your community, and your wallet.


Let’s face it — sometimes you need a car. Carsharing gives you the freedom to drive when you have to, and to walk, bike, or take the bus when you don’t. With a choice of vehicles near your home or work, it’s easy to get a car when you need one.

Carsharing helps you:
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Save Money. When you add up car payments, insurance, gas, and depreciation, the average car in Vermont costs well over $700 a month to own before it even leaves the driveway!

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Protect the planet. Owning a car increases driving, and driving is the most polluting activity most Vermonters undertake on a daily basis – accounting for over half of our state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Carsharing results in less driving.

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Enhance our community. By providing access to vehicles at a fraction of the cost of ownership, we help people get where they need to go more affordably. Our free MobilityShare plan ensures that everyone in our community has access to reliable and convenient transportation options regardless of income.

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Live your values. When you become a member of CarShare Vermont you’ll join a community of smart, passionate, and socially-minded Vermonters that are driven by their values.