Why Carshare

Carsharing is good for the environment, your community, and your wallet.


Let’s face it — sometimes you need a car. Carsharing gives you the freedom to drive when you have to, and to walk, bike, or take the bus when you don’t. With a choice of vehicles near your home or work, it’s easy to get a car when you need one.

Carsharing helps you:
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Save Money. When you add up car payments, insurance, gas, and depreciation, the average car in Vermont costs well over $700 a month to own before it even leaves the driveway!

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Protect the planet. Owning a car increases driving, and driving is the most polluting activity most Vermonters undertake on a daily basis – accounting for over half of our state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Carsharing results in less driving.

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Enhance our community. By providing access to vehicles at a fraction of the cost of ownership, we help people get where they need to go more affordably.

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Live your values. When you become a member of CarShare Vermont you’ll join a community of smart, passionate, and socially-minded Vermonters that are driven by their values.