Financial Assistance

Our MobilityShare program is available to all Champlain Housing Trust, Burlington Housing Authority, and Cathedral Square residents, as well as all individuals or households who meet our income eligibility requirements (see details below).

MobilityShare applicants pay a reduced one-time application fee of $15 to join (save $15) and no annual membership fee (save $150).

Income-Based Eligibility
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$6.50/hr + 38¢ per mile
$65 for the day*

No annual membership fee


100 miles included per reservation (38¢ for each mile over 100).
Premium vehicles are 5¢ more per mile.
Electric Vehicle Discount: 10 miles included per reservation for hourly trips and 150 miles included per reservation for daily trips. 43¢ for each mile after.
Night Owl Rates: 50% off the hourly rate from 10PM to 6AM.

Who's eligible?

Our MobilityShare program is available to individuals and households who:

  • Meet our standard membership eligibility requirements.
  • Qualify based on our income guidelines, and/or currently recieve 3SquaresVT, Reach Up, SSI/SSDI, housing or other public assistance and/or live in a Burlington Housing Authority, Champlain Housing Trust, or Cathedral Square property
  • Have a credit or debit card for payment

Not sure if you qualify?
Fill out this form, email us at or give us a call at (802) 861-2340 and we're happy to help answer your questions.