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All CarShare Vermont members are covered by our auto insurance policy, which provides $1 million in combined comprehensive and collision coverage. The policy has a $500 deductible, which a member could be responsible for paying in the event of an at-fault accident. Additionally, members may be responsible for other costs incurred by an at-fault accident, such as towing and storage charges, loss of service coverage, staff time due to negligence, and damage not reimbursed by our insurance carrier, capped at $1,000. The Damage Waiver Program offers members the option to reduce this financial responsibility from $1,000 to $0. This program is optional.

What Does it Cost and How Do You Sign Up?

Annual Option – $60 per year per driver ($45 for MobilityShare) reduces your liability from $1,000 to $0. Covers one incident per year. As a new member you can enroll in the Annual option during the application, as an existing member you can enroll in the Annual option from your “My Account” page after logging in to the reservation site.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You must report any damage that occurs during your reservation immediately by calling the CarShare Vermont Emergency Line at 802-999-2006;
  • To be eligible you must remain a member in good standing by not violating the policies in the Member Handbook and be current on all driving estimate payments and/or monthly invoice payments;
  • A member is not purchasing, nor is CarShare Vermont selling, insurance through this agreement;
  • Only the Account Authority can enroll in the Annual Damage Waiver Program;
  • Enrollment in the Annual Damage Waiver Program applies to all drivers on an account. There is a $60 charge for each driver ($45 for MobilityShare).

What is NOT covered by the Damage Waiver?

  • Unreported damage to a CarShare Vermont vehicle or another party’s vehicle;
  • Damage caused to a vehicle when a CarShare Vermont driver fails to stop and properly report an accident (hit and run);
  • Members whose accounts are not up to date or who have an overdue payment;
  • Members who falsify or provide misleading information to CarShare Vermont staff investigating damage to a CarShare Vermont vehicle;
  • Damage that occurs prior to signing up for the Program;
  • Intentional damage to a vehicle by a member;
  • Fees or Penalties you incur according to the Member Handbook;
  • Any violation of the policies in the Member Handbook.