Be Car Conscious

Vermonters spend nearly 1/4 of their income on transportation and most of that is on personal vehicles.

Find out how much your car is costing you with our interactive cost calculator.

What you drive reflects what drives you.

Having a child, I am deeply concerned about climate change. For us, an easy way to decrease our carbon footprint was to bike, walk, bus and ditch our car. CarShare VT is there for times we need to leave town."

- Joanne & Eamonn, members since 2011

Let’s stand up to Climate Change!

Our members are making a real impact in our community, and for the planet. You can, too!

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Welcome Clifford!

Meet Clifford, our new AWD Honda HRV! You’ll find Clifford parked at the top of Church Street at Pearl. Clifford is pet-friendly, spacious, and will be outfitted with roof racks in the next few weeks so that he’s ready for all of your outdoor winter adventures. Enjoy!

Thanks to a strong community of friends for their continued support.