Check out our newest pod in the Addition!
We are super excited to have a new pod at the Flynn Ave Co-op on Flynn Ave at Pine St. To celebrate, we're offering neighbors from the Addition an awesome promotion. Click here to learn more. The Flynn Ave. car is Pet Friendly and has a ski rack, too!
Pod Nannies Still Needed

Each winter we have a crew of amazing volunteers who help us out during the winter months to keep our cars clear of snow and move them during parking bans. In exchange, we offer volunteers $10 in driving credits each month they’re on duty, plus an extra $10 in credits for every hour they work. We are still looking for primary and back-up pod nannies, so get in touch if you’re interested! You can view the official position details here.

We’re still looking for primary Pod Nannies for Blanche and Einstein; and back-ups for many others! Call or the email the office if you’re interested.

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