What you drive reflects what drives you.

We care about the Earth. We know that individual car ownership is obsolete and destructive. We teach our granddaughter about sharing every day. CarShare VT is a natural for us."

- Andy & Ruby, members since 2009

What you drive reflects what drives you.

Having a child, I am deeply concerned about climate change. For us, an easy way to decrease our carbon footprint was to bike, walk, bus and ditch our car. CarShare VT is there for times we need to leave town."

- Joanne & Eamonn, members since 2011

What you drive reflects what drives you.

I enjoy being an active part of the car sharing community. I appreciate the shared sense of ownership and the feeling that we're all in this together."

- Thomas & Hexie, members since 2012

What you drive reflects what drives you.

Since we moved to Vermont in 2002, we’ve been a one-car family. When our son was born in 2006, we started renting cars, and then we found CarShare, which made it a lot more affordable for us, and more sustainable for our community.”

- Jason, Nat, and Max, members since 2014
Let’s get more people sharing!

When you refer a friend to CarShare Vermont this summer you’ll BOTH get $20 in driving credits! Click here to learn more.

Thanks to a strong community of friends for their continued support.