Your own two feet, a bike, or the bus are the cheapest, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly ways to get around. But let’s face it—sometimes you need a car. CarShare Vermont gives you the freedom to drive when you have to, and to walk, bike, or take the bus when you don’t. With a choice of vehicles near your home or work, it’s easy to get a car when you need one. Here are a few specifics about why car-sharing is so great.

Save money$

Owning a car is expensive, no matter how you slice it. When you add up car payments, insurance, registration fees, and (the elusive) depreciation, the average car in the U.S. costs well over $600 a month to own before it even leaves the driveway! When you include gas, maintenance, and repairs to actually run the thing, alternatives to car ownership are a lot more appealing.

With CarShare Vermont, you only pay for what you use—and this saves you money. Our rates are clear and simple so you can easily calculate your costs in advance. This means you’ll drive when it’s necessary or worth it, and find cheaper options when it’s not.

Curious what you spend to own your car? Crunch the numbers with our handy car cost calculator.

leaf_on_greenProtect the planet

Driving is the most polluting activity most Vermonters undertake on a daily basis. It accounts for over half of our state’s greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the impact on our watersheds and land use patterns. Car ownership is the number one factor that contributes to all this driving—when people own a car, they tend to use it more than necessary out of habit.

Car-sharing shifts this pattern in a big way. By giving people the choice to own fewer cars without limiting their freedom and mobility, it’s proven to encourage people to drive a lot less. Each year, our members reduce their driving by over 2 million miles and spare the air over 800 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Enhance our communitycommunity

CarShare Vermont’s mission is good for our community. Not only does our service directly improve air quality and traffic around town, it is proven to get people out of their cars, engaging with their neighbors, and supporting our local economy.

CarShare Vermont also helps make our transportation system more equitable. By providing access to vehicles at a fraction of the cost of ownership, we help people get where they need to go regardless of income. Our MobilityShare program gives financial assistance to income-qualifying individuals and families that need a little extra help using our service.


Live your values

When you become a member of CarShare Vermont you’ll join a community of smart, passionate, and socially-minded Vermonters that are driven by their values. Meet a few of them here and learn more about why they choose to share.