Let’s see if CarShare Vermont is a good fit.

Hundreds of people have joined CarShare Vermont because it’s easy, it saves money, and it’s good for the environment. Read on to figure out if CarShare Vermont is right for you! 

Individuals & Households

  • Don’t own a car but need one from time to time?

    CarShare Vermont can help increase your mobility without the financial burden of car ownership.

  • Thinking about downsizing your household fleet?

    Go for it! CarShare Vermont is the perfect second car for those few times when you really need one.

  • On the fence about whether to buy a second car?

    Save your cash! Let CarShare Vermont provide your backup car or pickup truck.

  • Own a car, but rarely drive it?

    If you can walk, bike, or take the bus most of the time, CarShare Vermont can give you the freedom to live car-free.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re on the right track! Curious how CarShare Vermont will fit into your budget? Check out our Individual rates and use our handy trip calculator to crunch some numbers. And, if you think you might be eligible for some financial assistance you can learn more about our MobilityShare program here.


CarShare Vermont offers FREE memberships to UVM and Champlain College students and employees! That’s right, your annual membership fee is on the house – that’s a $150 savings! You only pay when you drive, and you get access to our lowest driving rates which include gas and insurance, and other member perks. We’ve got cars conveniently parked on campus and off for your sharing pleasure. They’re new, clean, and equipped for all of your adventures.

Ready to sign up? Learn more about our Campus rates and program eligibility. Many thanks to CATMA, the University of Vermont, and Champlain College for making our campus program possible!


Small nonprofits, large companies, government agencies, and institutions alike rely on CarShare Vermont to help meet their work travel needs, save money, encourage alternative commuting, manage parking, and lessen their environmental impact. Curious why local businesses love CarShare Vermont? Here are a few reasons:

  • It saves money.

    If your employees regularly use personal vehicles for work, CarShare Vermont is a cost-effective alternative to reimbursing for mileage or renting cars. Check out our rates to see how we stack up.

  • It’s easy to use.

    Employees can make, change, or cancel reservations online or by phone, anytime. There’s no paperwork, waiting in line, or traveling across town to pick up keys. And no more expense reports to prepare and process.

  • It’s a valuable employee benefit.

    A CarShare Vermont membership comes with a bunch of benefits for your employees, including the choice to commute how they want, less wear and tear on their personal vehicles, discounts, and access to cars during the workday for errands or emergencies.

  • It’s good for the environment and our community.

    If you’re concerned about your company’s environmental footprint, joining CarShare Vermont can make a big difference. For many, it’s the missing piece that makes walking, biking, or taking the bus to work much more practical and convenient—this adds up to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. And, by joining CarShare Vermont, you help ensure our community has access to a sustainable, reliable, and affordable transportation service.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our Business rates.

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