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Welcome — Business

Employee Guide to CarShare Vermont

Welcome to CarShare Vermont! This guide will cover the basics of how to make a reservation, take your first trip, and understand our invoicing process. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at (802) 861-2340 or info@carsharevt.org. Happy sharing!

Reserving Cars

We have a mobile app that you can use for all of your reservation needs. To download go to the app store or play store and search for "FleetShare by INVERS". Type in "CVT" for the company ID and login using your CarShare Vermont username and password.

You can also reserve vehicles anytime from your computer or smartphone at reserve.carsharevt.org. Log into your account and select one of these two reservation options to get started.

Reserve by Availability

When you’d like to see fleet-wide availability and/or book multi-day trips, select Reserve by Availability. First, choose your city and the total number of days you’d like to reserve. You can also choose a specific pod location to narrow your search. Next, select your preferred vehicle from the list and click on the green reservation board to indicate your start and end time. Adjust the date and time as needed in the pop up window and then click the Select button to advance to the next screen. Look over your reservation details before clicking the Confirm Reservation to book your trip.

Quick Reservation

This mobile-friendly option is great when you’re on the go. Choose your city, location, and start and end time and hit the Search button to pull up all available vehicles. You can also select the vehicle type to narrow your search. Choose the vehicle you want, hit the Confirm Reservation button, and you’re ready to go.

Taking a Trip

You'll be off and running in a few easy steps.

1. Use your key fob to unlock the car. Hold your fob over the grey fob reader on the windshield. The lights will go from red to green and you’ll hear the vehicle unlock. Hop in!

2. Find the ignition key. Open the glove box and find the keypad terminal. Remove the ignition key from it and return the keypad to the glove box. You can now start your trip!

3. Take the vehicle’s key with you. Take the key with you when you make a stop, and use it to lock-up behind you. You’ll use this key throughout your trip to lock and unlock the car.

4. Return the key when you’re done. When you finish your trip, turn the vehicle off and insert the vehicle key’s black rounded fob back into the keypad in the glovebox to complete your trip.

5. Fob out to finish. Hold your fob over the grey fob reader to lock the car when you're done. Check the door handle to make sure it’s locked. You’re all done!

Want to extend? You can easily add time to your reservation from your smartphone or by using the keypad in the glovebox. Press the button with the yellow circle on it and add as much time as you need. Wait for the confirmation to make sure your extension has been accepted. If you’re unable to extend, it means another member has a reservation after you.

Need gas? The gas card is in the keypad. When you’re ready to fuel-up, pull the card out of the keypad, swipe it at any gas pump, and enter both the Driver ID and current odometer reading at the pump when prompted. Fill up the tank and remember to return the gas card to the keypad.

Your Invoices

At the end of each trip your reservation will be added to a running monthly invoice for your business. Your business account will then be billed for the full trip costs (total hours reserved & miles driven) plus any driving related fees discovered after your trip ends (e.g. messy vehicle, low fuel, etc.) the following month.


If you have any specific questions regarding your business account or a particular trip, please feel free to give us a shout at (802) 861-2340 or info@carsharevt.org. You can also see a list of our current fees and policies in our Member Handbook.