We’re rotating some of our vehicles!

We’re rotating our fleet on May 1st!

As some of you may have noticed, CarShare Vermont rotated some of our vehicles on May 1st. None of the pod locations are being changed, but four locations in Burlington and Winooski will have their current vehicles replaced. These are as follows:

Scout (a black Honda Civic) is now located at the Winooski City Hall Pod, replacing Chase (a gray Hyundai Elantra)

Fanny (a grey Ford Focus) is now at the Flynn Avenue Co-op Pod, replacing Penny (a silver Toyota Prius C)

Chase will now be parked at the UVM Redstone Lofts Pod, replacing Orion (a grey Subaru Impreza)

Penny has been placed at the Champlain College West Hall Pod, replacing Blanche (a white Subaru Impreza)

As mentioned, there will be no changes to any Pod locations, but the vehicles at these four locations have been changed, so do not be alarmed if you notice your favorite vehicles is no longer in its normal spot!