Save money

Owning a car is expensive, no matter how you slice it. When you add up car payments, insurance, registration and inspection fees, and (the elusive) depreciation—the average car in the U.S. costs well over $500 a month to own before it even leaves the driveway! When you include gas, maintenance, and repairs to actually operate the thing (gulp), alternatives to car ownership look a lot more appealing.

How will you save? With CarShare Vermont, you only pay for what you use—and this saves you money. Our rates are clear and simple so you can easily calculate your costs in advance. This means you’ll drive when it’s necessary or worth it, and find cheaper options when it’s not. This awareness just makes people drive less and own fewer cars. In fact, CarShare Vermont members tend to reduce their driving by 35-40% and collectively save over $2.5 million per year!

Take a vacation. The money saved from car-sharing can be spent on far more important things—like buying a house, paying for childcare or education, putting a dent in your loans, or even taking a well-deserved vacation.