Business Member Orientation

Using CarShare Vermont for Business Members & Employees

CarShare Vermont is a valuable resource for businesses and organizations all over Burlington. Here’s a quick guide to making the most of your membership while at work.

CarShare Vermont business memberships are perfect for days when you need to get somewhere for work, but don’t want to drive in or park downtown. Just reserve your CarShare Vermont vehicle of choice – then walk, bike or bus downtown and rest easy knowing there will be a clean, reliable, fuel efficient vehicle waiting for you.

CarShare vehicles are an especially good option for:

  • Errands and trips around town. Picking up furniture or supplies, delivering materials, or going to visit a local partner – these trips are usually under four hours and low on miles.

  • Day trips around the state. Site visits, team getaways, research trips, or going to visit a client outside Burlington – these trips are higher on miles but don’t last more than a day.

  • For out-of-state or other high-mileage trips, it’s often worthwhile to book for a full day ($69 for 24 hours and 100 miles included per reservation). There’s usually a significant savings over IRS reimbursement rates, and you save the wear and tear on your personal vehicle.

A note on multi-day trips: CarShare is certainly convenient, but if you’re gone for more than a day or two, it’s worth doing the math, as other vehicle options (e.g. car rentals or a company car) may be more affordable.

Tips on reservations and billing

Note when you reserve! You can add a note indicating a specific project or client when you make your reservation. Those notes show up on your invoice, making expense reports easy and often more affordable for your business or clients.

Extend a trip It’s good to factor in buffer time to account for traffic delays or long meetings when you book, but you can always extend your time using the in-car key pad terminal or your smartphone. It only takes a minute and will save you on hefty late fees.