Business Member Resources

Tools for making the most of your membership


How do I make a reservation?
What about availability? Will there be a car for me whenever I need one?
Can I use CarShare Vermont for personal trips, too?
How long can I reserve a CarShare Vermont car and where can I go?
What do I need to know about reserving an Electric Vehicle?
Can I extend my reservation while I’m out in a vehicle?
Can I cancel my reservation?
What if I forget to cancel my reservation?

What if I forget my password?
What if there is a parking ban?
Is there a bad weather cancellation policy?

During a trip

What’s a pod?
What if I show up for my reservation and the car isn't there?
What if there’s a car parked in CarShare Vermont’s designated parking space?
Can I park my personal vehicle in a designated CarShare Vermont parking space?
How do I use my fob?
What if I forget my fob but need to use the car?
What if I'm running late?
How do I get gas?
What if I get a ticket?
What if I’m in an accident?
When should I use the emergency line?
What if I forget something in the vehicle?


How am I billed?
Do I pay for the time I reserve or the time I drive?
Why is there an hourly and a mileage fee?
Do all of the vehicles cost the same to use?
Who takes care of gas?
Are there other fees I should be aware of?
How do I cancel my CarShare Vermont membership?

Damage & Insurance

How do I report new damage to a vehicle?
What if I’m in an accident?
What about insurance?
How do I sign up for the Damage Waiver Program?