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It’s always cheapest to walk, bike, or ride the bus to your destination, but if you have to drive, consider CarShare Vermont. Here’s how we stack up to reimbursing for mileage or taking your personal car.

Burlington to: CarShare Vermont Mileage Reimbursement Personal Car
Montpelier $48.30 $42.12 $59.28
Rutland $81.95 $87.48 $123.12
Hanover, NH $92.45 $103.68 $145.92
Brattleboro $131.65 $164.16 $231.04
Boston, MA $177.85 $235.44 $331.36
  • These calculations use Share-a-lot driving rates, the current IRS reimbursement rate of $.54/mile, and AAA’s $.76/mile average cost of car ownership for someone that drives 10,000 miles per year.
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