New Pods & Electric Vehicles

More cars. More electric.


We’re proud to say that more than 50% of the CarShare Vermont fleet is made up of hybrid plug-in or fully electric vehicles. That’s important to us because we believe electric vehicles (EVs) play an essential role in creating a cleaner energy future by reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and pollute our cities and towns. Affordable driving rates remove cost as a barrier to accessing low- or no-emission vehicles, allowing everyone to contribute to a cleaner energy future regardless of income.


New to EVs? No problem. Watch this short video to learn more.


Things to know before you go

Mind your speed.

Driving at the speed limit helps the EV’s battery charge last longer.

Take the temp.

Extreme cold and heat can put extra strain on the battery.

Be in charge.

Locate charging stations near your destination and along the way before you.

Charging forward

We’re adding even more EVs and investing in dedicated charging stations at several pods starting fall 2022.
Find the nearest EV and meet our whole fleet