Our mission & vision

Founded by local people who care about our community, CarShare Vermont’s mission is to provide an affordable, convenient, and reliable alternative to private car ownership that enhances the environmental, economic, and social wellbeing of our region and planet. Our vision is a region in which individuals, businesses, and other organizations meet their transportation needs while owning fewer vehicles, and as a result improve the environment, enhance community health, and save money. We envision a community in which:

  • Residents do not need to own their own car(s) for everyday life;
  • Employees of downtown businesses do not need to drive to work because they can use shared vehicles for work-related travel;
  • Land and real estate are devoted to proactive uses such as housing, business space, and community green space rather than parking;
  • The affiliates of its university and colleges do not need to bring personal vehicles to campuses;
  • Housing is more affordable because less real estate is devoted to parking;
  • There is a truly multimodal transportation system and the supply of numerous alternatives provides seamless mobility and access;
  • The health of the environment—and air quality in particular—is improved by significantly reduced car use and the appropriate application of low-emission vehicle technology;
  • Residents are healthier from walking and biking more; and
  • The local economy benefits from supporting affordable car-sharing.

Why non-profit?

CarShare Vermont is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We’re mission-driven because we believe this is the most effective way to achieve our social change agenda and maximize the benefits of car-sharing. Rather than focusing on our bottom line alone, we strive to provide an accessible and affordable service that reduces overall car use while improving mobility for people of all income levels. If turning a profit was our primary goal, we might be forced to encourage people to drive our cars more than their own, or our pricing would reflect a service that only a few could afford. We also believe that financial self-sufficiency is simply a more sustainable goal—and this means we intend to stick around and continue to put every dollar we earn back into CarShare Vermont and the community we serve.

CarShare Vermont is a founding member of the international CarSharing Association, made up of 18 organizations from around the world that are working to maximize the environmental and social impacts of the car-sharing industry.