Business Memberships

Our BusinessShare plans serve organizations of all sizes. Get 2 months free when you pay annually! There is a one-time $30 application fee per driver.

Up to 11 Employees

$6/hr + 35¢ per mile or $69 for the day*

11 - 40 Employees

$6/hr + 35¢ per mile or $69 for the day*

41+ Employees

$6/hr + 35¢ per mile or $69 for the day*


125 miles included per reservation. 35¢ for each mile over 125.
The pickup truck and AWD HR-V are $0.05 more per mile.


Small nonprofits, large companies, government agencies, and institutions alike rely on CarShare Vermont to help meet their work travel needs, save money, encourage alternative commuting, manage parking, and lessen their environmental impact.

If you’re concerned about your company’s environmental footprint, joining CarShare Vermont can make a big difference. For many, it’s the missing piece that makes walking, biking, or taking the bus to work much more practical and convenient—this adds up to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. And, by joining CarShare Vermont, you help ensure our community has access to a sustainable, reliable, and affordable transportation service.

Commute flexibility

Employees can choose to walk, bike, or take the bus to work and still have access to a car during the day if they need it.

Save on personal memberships

Employees can set up a personal membership with no additional sign up fees.

Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle

Business travel reimbursements often don't cover the true costs of driving and maintaining a car.

Be a part of a car-sharing community

Not only will employees enjoy being part of a company with innovative and visible sustainability practices, they'll also enjoy member discounts at local businesses!