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Your membership comes with full insurance coverage up to $1,000,000 in liability. The damage fee is up to $1000, which you may be liable for in an at fault accident. The Damage Waiver Program covers the full damage fee for you in the event you're in an accident while driving a CarShare Vermont vehicle. You can learn more here.

Damage Waiver Program

Terms and Conditions

By Enrolling in the Damage Waiver Program I understand that:

  • I must report any damage that occurs during my reservation immediately by calling the CarShare Vermont Emergency Line at 802-999-2006
  • To be eligible I must remain a member in good standing by not violating the Member Handbook and be current on all driving estimate payments and/or monthly invoice payments;
  • I am not purchasing, nor is CarShare Vermont selling, insurance through this agreement;
  • Only the Account Authority can enroll in the Annual Damage Waiver Program;
  • Enrollment in the Annual Damage Waiver Program applies to all drivers on an account; there is a $60 charge for each driver ($45 for MobilityShare);

The Deductible Waiver Program does NOT include any loss arising directly or indirectly from:

  • Unreported Damage to a CarShare Vermont vehicle or another party’s vehicle;
  • Damage caused to a vehicle when a CarShare Vermont driver fails to stop and properly report an accident (hit and run)
  • Members whose account is not up to date or who have an overdue payment;
  • Members who falsify or provide misleading information to CarShare Vermont staff investigating damage to a CarShare Vermont vehicle
  • Damage that occurs prior to signing up for the Program
  • Intentional damage to a vehicle by a member Fees or Penalties you incur according to the Member Handbook
  • Any violation of the Member Handbook
Membership Terms and Agreements

Applying to CarShare Vermont is the first step toward becoming a member. You are not eligible to drive a CarShare Vermont vehicle until you have been approved.

By submitting this application,

  1. I certify that everything stated in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.
  2. I authorize CarShare Vermont to retain this information for their use whether or not my application is approved.
  3. I authorize CarShare Vermont to check my driving record to assist in determining my acceptance for membership. CarShare Vermont may review my driving record(s) without notice at any time to determine my ongoing eligibility to be a member.
  4. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age. I understand that if I have misrepresented my age, I will be immediately disqualified from use of CarShare Vermont's insurance and upon discovery of such information, CarShare Vermont will terminate my membership.
  5. I agree to be bound by this application and CarShare Vermont's Member Agreement, and I understand that failure to disclose my violations or accidents may cause automatic rejection of this application.
  6. I have reviewed the eligibility requirements of CarShare Vermont and believe I am eligible for membership. I agree that a nonrefundable $30 Application Fee (unless discounted by valid promotional code) will be charged to the credit card associated with the application form above, regardless of my acceptance for membership.
  7. I agree to be bound by the policies outlined in the CarShare Vermont Member Handbook, and to drive responsibly. I understand that this document may be changed at any time without notice, and that if I do not drive responsibly I may be responsible for fines, fees, penalties.
  8. I understand that I take responsibility for any additional drivers who join this account, including liability for charges, fees, and other responsibilities incurred by the other drivers, and that all refunds on the account will be made payable to the main member only. I will not allow anyone who is not an authorized member of CarShare Vermont to drive a CarShare Vermont vehicle.

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