Save money, time, and the world.

Small nonprofits, large companies, government agencies, and institutions alike all rely on CarShare Vermont to help meet their work travel needs, encourage alternative commuting, manage parking, and lessen their environmental impact. Here are a few reasons why local businesses love CarShare Vermont:

It saves money.

If your employees regularly use personal vehicles for work, CarShare Vermont is a cost-effective alternative to reimbursing for mileage or renting cars. Check out our rates to see how we stack up. And with fewer employees driving their own cars during the workday, that’s fewer parking spaces to provide.

It’s easy to use.

Employees can make, change, or cancel reservations online anytime. There’s no paperwork, waiting in line, or traveling across town to pick up keys. And no more expense reports to prepare and process.

It’s a valuable employee benefit.

A CarShare Vermont membership comes with a bunch of benefits for your employees, including the choice to commute how they want, less wear and tear on their personal vehicles, discounts, and access to cars during the workday for emergencies or errands.

It’s good for the environment.

If you’re concerned about the environmental impacts of your employees’ commuting habits, joining CarShare Vermont can make a big difference. For many, it’s the missing piece that makes walking, biking, or taking the bus to work much more practical and convenient.

It supports the community.

By joining CarShare Vermont, you help ensure our community has access to a sustainable, reliable, and affordable transportation service.

Ready to get started?

You can set up a new business account by completing our short online application. Once your application is received, we’ll be in touch to get your employees added as drivers. Then you’ll be able to reserve cars when you need them by the hour or day and drive. And you’ll get an itemized statement each month showing each employee’s usage.

To learn more about CarShare Vermont’s Business Membership, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help find a solution to your unique transportation needs.

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