Sharing with CarShare Vermont

Is CarShare Vermont right for me?
How can carsharing help me save money?
How is carsharing different from renting a car?
Can I use your cars if I'm just visiting town for the weekend?
I commute by car daily. Is carsharing a good option for me?

Becoming a member

How do I join?
What’s included in my membership?
Which pricing plan should I choose?
Can I switch membership plans once I start?

What are the eligibility requirements?
What if I have a foreign license?
What is a household/group account?
Do I have to be a member of CarShare Vermont to use the cars?

Cars & Locations

What kind of cars do you have?
Where are the vehicles located?
Can I pick up a car from one location and drop it off somewhere else?
Can I share rides, too?
Can I use the car to take my dog Roo to the vet?
Is smoking allowed in the cars?
When is CarShare Vermont coming to my neighborhood?