Roaming partners

Your membership also gives you roaming privileges at other car-sharing organizations around the world. Traveling out of Vermont and hoping to car-share when you get there? Contact us at least one week before your trip, and we’ll hook you up with one of our car-sharing partners so you can roam around the world.

United States
Colorado Boulder
eGo CarShare
California San Francisco and the Bay Area City CarShare
Illinois Chicago I-GO CarShare
Massachusetts Boston Mint
Minnesota Minneapolis
St. Paul
New York Buffalo Buffalo CarShare
Ithaca Ithaca CarShare
New York City Mint
Syracuse CuseCar
Ohio Cleveland City Wheels
Wisconsin Madison Community Car
British Columbia Vancouver Modo
Nova Scotia Halifax CarShareHFX
Ontario Toronto AutoShare
Ottawa VrtuCar
Around the world
Australia Melbourne
Denmark Copenhagen Københavns Delebiler

If you are traveling abroad and know car-sharing exists where you are going, feel free to contact us to see if we can set up a roaming agreement at your destination.