Save money

Owning a car is expensive, no matter how you slice it. Car payments, insurance, parking, registration, and inspection fees—the average car in the U.S. costs upwards of $500 a month to own before it even leaves the driveway. When you add the cost of gas, maintenance, and repairs to actually operate the thing (gulp), alternatives to car ownership look a lot more appealing.

With CarShare Vermont, you only pay for what you use—and this saves you money. Our rates are clear and simple so you can easily calculate your driving expenses and plan accordingly. This means you’ll drive when it’s necessary or worth the expense to you, and the rest of the time you’ll choose to save a buck by walking, biking, or hitching a ride. That’s the beauty of CarShare Vermont—when you don’t drive, you don’t pay for it. The money saved from car-sharing can be spent supporting our local economy or invested in other important things, like housing, education, or even a well-deserved vacation.

The same cost savings hold true for our business members. Our rates are often cheaper than reimbursing for mileage or renting cars. And by giving your employees access to our shared fleet, they’re able to rely less on their personal vehicles—this can help cut down on employee parking. Check out CarShare Vermont for businesses to learn all about the benefits and savings.

Use our rate calculator to find out how much your trip might cost.