Our fleet

CarShare Vermont’s goal is to offer members a range of vehicle types to meet various driving needs. That means a pick-up truck or minivan for moving and dump runs, all-wheel drive hatchbacks with ski racks for windy Vermont roads and powder days, and fuel-efficient hybrids, sedans, and subcompact cars for buzzing around town or longer distance trips. Rather than owning all of these vehicles, you can share them! Pick the car that’s close to home or work, or the one that meets your specific trip. To find out where each of these vehicles is parked, check out our pod locations map and click on the location markers. 

Let us introduce you to our fleet family:

The Priuses: Calvin, Ginger, Einstein, Penny, and Cricket

  • 4-door Hatchback
  • Hybrid; Automatic
  • Winter Tires



The Imprezas: Miles, Blanche, & Orion

  • 4-door All-Wheel Drive Hatchback
  • Automatic
  • Ski/Bike Racks



The FIts: Cosmo & Rosa

  • 4-door Hatchback
  • Multiple seat configurations
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Winter Tires



The Elantras: Carmen & Chase

  • 4-door Sedan
  • Automatic
  • Winter Tires


The Civic: Beezus

  • 4-door Hybrid Sedan
  • Automatic
  • Parking Garage Pod
  • Winter Tires


The Tacoma: Tammy

  • 6′ bed; Access Cab
  • Automatic
  • 1,100 lb carrying capacity (including passengers)
  • Tarp, rope, and bungees provided
* Due to slightly higher operating costs, the truck is $1 more per hour and $10 more per day.


*Not pictured is our brand new Dodge Caravan minivan! It comfortably seats 7 people and has 2nd and 3rd row seats that fold into the floor, creating a boat-load of cargo space. It’s located at Callahan Park in the Five Sisters neighborhood, where there’s ample parking and great visibility. Driving rates are the same as the truck. Enjoy!

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