What’s new with BTV’s Downtown Parking and Transportation Management Plan?

Last month Burlington’s City Council approved the Downtown Parking and Transportation Management Plan. The plan is the culmination of a two year effort collaboratively led by DPW, CEDO, and the Burlington Business Association to re-think how the City manages parking as part of a much larger transportation system. Rather than assuming that cars are the default mode for everyone getting around and exploring Burlington, the plan values and prioritizes the other modes that enable people to live, work, and enjoy our great city.

Without a doubt, the new plan highlights a number of improvements to Burlington’s dated parking system to make the process of finding and accessing parking easier, more efficient, and pleasant. But what excites us is that it also emphasizes ways to make other transportation options more attractive and favorable, including prioritizing parking for CarShare Vermont. We know that carsharingcan help ease parking demand by giving people the choice to own fewer cars–evidenced by the fact that nearly 60% of our members have shed or opted not to replace a vehicle(!). This plan shows that the City understands this, too, and is really committed to helping our community become less car dependent.

Learn more about the Downtown Parking and Transportation Management Plan and other transportation initiatives underway at parkburlington.com.