Dump for Discounts

Want a load of compost but don’t have a pickup truck to help make it happen? You do now! Don’t forget that Tammy Tacoma, a shiny, blue Toyota pickup truck, is a pro when it comes to hauling stuff.

We have teamed up with CSWD and Green Mountain Compost (GMC) to offer our members a 10 percent discount on Green Mountain Compost products when you use Tammy Tacoma  — or any vehicle in our fleet.

Additionally, when Tammy Tacoma helps you drop off reusable items, recyclables, trash, yard debris, or any other accepted refuse at CSWD’s Drop-Off Centers, or pick up a load of compost or mulch at Green Mountain Compost, just ask for a receipt from the facility. Then, send a copy to CarShare Vermont (by e-mail, fax, mail, or on foot), and we’ll add a $5 credit to your monthly bill.

One $5 credit allowed per truck reservation please. Both promotions are valid until April 30.

CarShare Vermont members can reserve Tammy online or by phone anytime. To learn more visit www.carsharevt.org/our-fleet/, email info@carsharevt.org or call (802) 861-2340.