Benefit Bake for CarShare Vermont: July 9, 2012

Please join us for a Flatbread Fundraiser!

Next month, the American Flatbread Burlington Hearth will be hosting one of its Benefit Bakes for CarShare Vermont! If you’re not familiar with these special community events, Flatbread contributes a portion of the price of each flatbread sold to our organization throughout the entire evening. Here are the details:


Monday, July 9, 2012
5pm ’til 10pm
American Flatbread, Burlington Hearth
115 St. Paul St. (just a few doors down from the CarShare Vermont office)



We hope you’ll join us and bring your families and pals. Know anyone considering CarShare Vermont? Definitely bring them along and we’ll be glad to chat over a Revolution or a Punctuated Equilibrium (our personal faves).

Let us know you’re coming on our Facebook Page!