The Results Are In: CarShare Vermont Kicks More Than Tires

This past August, we conducted our first comprehensive member survey. We had two goals: 1) to evaluate our environmental, social, and economic impacts to date; and 2) to learn what our members value most about our service and how they’d like us to improve it. Many thanks to the many members who took the time to complete the survey! We had a great response rate of 30%, which indicates that the results are representative of our broader membership. Even more exciting are the results themselves, which demonstrate that CarShare Vermont is making tremendous strides towards kicking car-dependence in our region. And more, we’re yielding similar impacts as cities more than 20 times our size, demonstrating that car-sharing works in places like Burlington, Vermont. We will have a more detailed report to share at the end of the year; but in the meanwhile, whet your whistle with these findings.


  • 63% of our members joined CarShare Vermont and got rid of a car or decided not to buy one.
  • On average, CarShare Vermont households are driving 3,550 fewer miles per year, for a total reduction of more than 2.6 million miles (this accounts for the fact that some households are actually driving about the same or more due to having access to our service).
  • For each CarShare Vermont car put into circulation, 16 are removed from the road. With a fleet of 10, that’s 160 vehicles down and counting!
  • 66% of members report feeling less stress about transportation.
  • 46% of members report walking and/or biking more since joining, and 36% use public transit more.
  • 57% of members combine errands into one trip more often–they’re more efficient drivers!

Congratulations, CarShare Vermont members! Whether you realize it our not, your choice to share cars is making a huge difference in our community.