The tech change is complete!

We’ve transitioned to an entirely new system, and have switched out both the software we use to facilitate reservations and the in-vehicle hardware that gives you access to our cars with a swipe of your fob.

Curious how the new system will work?

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the new technology features and changes. You can also download our handy step-by-step guides on:

We hope these quick guides provide an overview of how the new system works and can help answer your questions. In addition, we’ve also updated our Member Handbook to reflect the changes. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

And finally, if it’s helpful, here’s a link to a fun video tutorial that our friends at HOURCAR created that shows the features in real life.

Here are a few of the new features we’re most excited about:

  • Trip-by-trip billing: Pay for your total trip costs (including exact mileage) at the end of each trip.
  • Easy in-car extensions: Extend your reservation from right in the car with an easy-to-use electronic keypad stored in the glove box.
  • More ways to reserve: The new reservation site will be mobile friendly and offer three different ways to quickly book a vehicle, depending on your preference.

And here are a few of the significant changes you’ll notice:

  • Keys stored in the glove box: You’ll now find the car keys stored in an electronic keypad in the glove box. You’ll answer a couple questions, remove the keys, and go. The vehicle’s keys will then go back into the keypad at the very end of your trip.
  • Take the keys with youDuring your trip you’ll take the car keys with you instead of leaving them in the vehicle.
  • Use the internal locksThroughout your trip you’ll use the vehicle’s locks, to lock and unlock the car. You’ll only have to use your fob at the very beginning and end of your trip.

Why are we making this change?

Last fall, a large multi-national car rental company purchased the technology provider we have used since our launch in 2008. The acquiring company required our provider to stop serving its independent car-sharing customers across the globe – this includes a number of community-based nonprofits like CarShare Vermont.

While we were forced to find a new car-sharing technology vendor, we definitely view this transition as an opportunity to improve our systems. We spent several months extensively researching and interviewing prospective technology partners, and we’ve landed on one that we believe will deliver our members a superior experience while also making our back-end operations more efficient. We appreciate your patience and support as we make this exciting transition!

Questions, comments, or concerns?

Please feel free to call the office at (802) 861-2340 or email