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As you may know, we are working with a group of dedicated Montpelier volunteers to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to help us determine whether car-sharing can be successful in Montpelier. To make this study as robust and informative as possible, we need input from people like you who live, work, and play in the area and have an interest in finding out how car-sharing can help individuals and businesses save money, protect the environment, and improve their community.

We are currently in the process of collecting direct feedback from community members to better understand the transportation needs of the Montpelier community and whether or not CarShare Vermont is a good fit. Basically, we need to know if you’ll use our service so that we can determine whether or not expansion is possible. Our Montpelier survey only takes about five minute to complete. Follow this link to take the survey today:

In addition to taking our short survey, if you’d like to share your opinions, stay in the loop, or help us spread the word, please fill out the contact form below. Thanks for your help!

CarShare Vermont in Montpelier? You tell us.

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CarShare Vermont is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to help people get around with fewer cars. Learn more about how easy it can be to share here.

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