Member FAQ

Here are a few of the questions members ask the most. For more information on any of these topics, please refer to your member handbook.

Member FAQs

Yes. Only members of CarShare Vermont are insured to drive our cars.

Yes, members can upgrade from the Share-a-Little monthly plan to the Share-a-Lot monthly plan anytime for free. Members can downgrade from the Share-a-Lot monthly to the Share-a-Little monthly plan once every 12 months. If you downgrade more than once per 12-month period, there is a $25 fee. Please contact us if you'd like to switch your membership plan and we'll be happy to make the change.

In addition, you may upgrade from a monthly to annual plan at any time; however, we are unable to downgrade annual plans.

Definitely not. Smoking in our cars can result in a hefty fee, along with a cleaning charge. For a full list of our fees and credits, please check out our member handbook.

Yes, We have six pet-friendly (when you use your pet carrier) vehicles in our fleet:

  • Penny- Prius C at Flynn Ave. Coop
  • Doug- Honda FIt at Fletcher Free Library Pod
  • Rosa- Honda FIt at the N. Winooski Ave. Pod
  • Gerry- Dodge Caravan at Calahan Park Pod
  • Fanny- Ford Focus at Montpelier Kellog Hubbard Library Pod

Pets are NOT allowed in any other vehicle in our fleet. All pets must be in carriers, regardless of their size.

Please report all evidence of pets that you find in any vehicle. This includes hair/fur, nose smudges, muddy paw prints, etc.

Please remember that failure to comply with our guidelines will result in hefty fees. We want to be sure that our service remains reliable and comfortable for all of our members.

There are two very easy ways to reserve a car, anytime, any day:

Log on online using your member I.D. and password.

- Log on to the mobile reservation site - - using your member I.D. and password.

*For both options you’ll select the date, time, and car at the location of your choice. You can use the web and mobile sites to extend, cancel, or shorten a reservation, too.

Yes. There is no charge to extend your reservation, except for the additional time you reserve the car. As long as there are no conflicting reservations for the car you are using, you can add as much time as you need to your reservation. Use the keypad in the glove box to extend (push the button with the yellow circle and follow the prompts) or login to your account.

Hold the fob up to the reader installed behind the windshield on the driver’s side of every car. After a few seconds the light on the reader will go from red to green and the car will unlock. The fob enables the car's ignition so the key will work (the ignition key is in a keypad in a glove box). You will need your fob whenever you have a reservation and you will use it at the start and end of your trip.

Before every trip, do a quick vehicle inspection. You will find a damage report sheet in the glove box of every car. If you discover damage that is not on the report sheet, please call us and describe what you found. If the vehicle is damaged during a trip, please call us on the emergency line right away.

If you forget your password, go to our login page and click on the “reset password” link. You will be emailed a temporary password which you can use to login. Once you're logged in, you can change your password in My Account.

Yes, you can cancel or shorten your reservation online. It's always best to cancel or shorten as far in advance as possible. You may be charged for a portion of your reserved time depending on when you cancel or shorten.

For reservations that are using the hourly rate:
Members can cancel up to 4 hours before the start time without any charge. If you cancel with less than 4 hours notice, you will pay for the time reserved.

For reservations that are using the daily rate:
Members are required to provide 12 hours notice. Otherwise, you are responsible for the time reserved (up to a maximum of the daily rate for your rate plan).


If you forget to cancel your reservation and don't use the car, you'll be charged for the hours reserved. This is because your unused reservation may have prevented other members from using the car.

In general, you pay for the time you reserve. If you return the vehicle early, we encourage you to shorten your reservation so another member is able to reserve the car.

Every time you use a CarShare Vermont vehicle, you will received a trip-by-trip invoice. Your credit/debit card will be automatically charged for the hours reserved, miles driven, and any fees associated with the trip (e.g. late fees). Monthly invoices are then generated on the 4thof every month and include your membership fees, any extra fees or credits not included in the trip-by-trip invoice. Click here for a guide to understanding your invoice.

Five of our cars need to be moved to "winter pods" during snow parking bans. When the yellow lights are flashing, please be sure to park the car in its alternate winter pod. Special directions are provided with your reservation confirmation for the affected vehicles (currently Ginger, Calvin, Gerry, Doug, and Carmen).

Yes. In bad weather, when driving is dangerous, you may make last minute cancellations without paying for cancelled time. Bad weather means severe winter storms eliciting weather advisories and/or warnings. If you decide to cancel a reservation due to “bad weather,” please call or email within 24 hours of the reservation in question. CarShare Vermont reserves the right to determine what is considered “bad weather” and to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Please call the emergency phone number right away. We'll do our best to get you another car or get you to your destination by taxi (we'll pay the bill). We'll also give you a credit toward your next trip.

Please call the emergency line. We’ll ask you to park the car in a legal parking space close by. All you have to do is let us know where you parked and lock with your fob.

Please don't. All of our parking spaces are enforced so you may get towed if you leave your vehicle in one of our spaces. If you need to drive your personal vehicle to one of the pods, please find legal, alternative parking nearby.


To avoid accruing late fees and possibly inconveniencing another member, always try to extend your reservation if you think you'll need more time with the car. You can use the keypad in the glove box to add time (hit the button with the yellow circle and follow the prompts) or use the reservation system. If you can't extend your reservation because another member has reserved the car, then please return it at the scheduled time. If you absolutely can't return the car on time, please call us as soon as possible on the emergency line so we can try to accommodate the other member.

An emergency includes, but is not limited to, any of the following circumstances:

  • You’re late and you can’t extend your reservation.
  • You’re in an accident.
  • You show up for your reservation and the car isn’t there.
  • You have trouble starting the vehicle.
  • The car breaks down.
  • The vehicle’s assigned parking space has been taken.
  • You've lost the ignition key

Please make a 30-minute reservation to retrieve your item. That way, you know the car will be there when you arrive and you won’t confuse the system by using your fob without a reservation.

Please return the vehicle to its pod with at least a half tank of regular, unleaded fuel. Fill up the tank by using the gas card found in the keypad in the glove box. You may use the card at any self-serve pump at any station. You’ll be prompted to enter the Driver I.D. and the current mileage. Once the card is authorized, pump away!

Please pay it as soon as possible. If we're notified that the ticket has not been paid, we'll charge your account for the full amount due (including any late fees), along with a $30 processing fee for tracking you down.

Most importantly, please make sure you are safe and call the police. Remember to get all of the appropriate information from the police and the other driver, just like you would if you were in your own car. Finally, please call our emergency line as soon as you can. We will help you get the car where it needs to go.

Sharing is implicit to car-sharing, and that means we're all depending on each other to take good care of the cars, be on time, and be respectful of each other. We have worked hard to make our service as flexible as possible to accommodate sporadic schedules and glitches, but we also impose fees to help enforce timely returns and good manners, and to cover lost revenue. Please refer to your member handbook for the complete fee schedule.

Give us a call (802-861-2340) or send us an email ( if you'd like to cancel your CarShare Vermont account. We'll ask you to return your key fob, which you can drop off at our office or mail back in a padded envelope. There may be fees associated with an unreturned fob.

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