CarShare Vermont members can reserve any car 24/7. Cars are located in pods, which is just a catchy word for the parking space where one or more cars live. Pods can be found on the street, in a garage, in a lot, or in a friendly neighbor’s driveway. The map below shows all of our current pod locations. We hope to add more pods soon and if we’re not yet in you’re neighborhood, click here to suggest a location.

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There’s always bike parking close by.

You can pedal to the car. In fact, we encourage it. Here’s where you can lock up when you get there:

Burlington Pods

Rosa @ Silversmith Commons

Look for the bike rack next door, in front of Law Line of Vermont.

Ginger on Main St. @ City Hall Park

There are a couple of u-shaped locking hitches at the corner of St. Paul St. and Main St. and full-size bike racks on Church Street.

Beezus @ Church Street Marketplace Garage

There are bike racks all along Church Street downtown.

Miles @ the UVM Morrill Hall Lot

There’s plenty of parking on campus! Look for the racks near the Royall Tyler Theater on University Pl. There are also racks at the¬†Bailey/ Howe Library.

Orion @ the UVM Redstone Lofts

Again, there’s lots of bike parking near this pod, including some covered bike storage.

Blanche @ Cushing Hall (Champlain College)

You’ll find bike racks in between Cushing and Bader Halls.

Calvin @ South Park (5 Sisters)

At Callahan Park you’ll find lots of parking options for your bike. There’s a rack beside the playground adjacent to the basketball courts. Pedal down to the playground beside the baseball field and there’s a rack there, too.

Cricket @ North Ave. and North St.

Directly¬†in front of the parking space, you’ll find a full size bike rack.

Cosmo @ Fletcher Free Library

There’s a full bike rack right in front of the library.

Montpelier Pods

Honda Civic @ City Hall and Blanchard Ct.

There is a full bike rack towards Main St. from this pod. You’ll walk by it as you walk to the front entrance of City Hall from the pod.

Ford Focus @ Kellogg Hubbard Library and School St.

There is bike parking in front of the School St. entrance to the library.