Our MobilityShare program provides financial assistance to income-qualifying individuals and families interested in joining CarShare Vermont. This program strives to make our service affordable for everyone by offering reduced rates, financial trainings, and a toolbox of resources (including our Transportation Resource Guide) to help you plan the best way to get around.

Will MobilityShare work for you? To be eligible, you’ll need to meet certain income qualifications and our basic driving requirements. To learn more about how much the program costs, including our financial assistance package, please see our MobilityShare rates.

Applying to become a MobilityShare member is easy:

  1. Call our Program Manager, Alicia Taylor, at 802-861-2340 or email to set up a quick phone or in-person meeting. She’ll help you decide if CarShare Vermont and our MobilityShare program is right for you.
  2. Learn about the costs of car ownership compared to car-sharing, and how to fit CarShare Vermont into your budget by participating in free financial trainings offered by CVOEO’s Financial Future’s Program.
  3. Whenever you need a car, reserve one online or by phone, get in using your very own key and drive! You’ll pay discounted driving rates based on how much you drive.

A very special thank you goes to Jane’s Trust for funding our MobilityShare program and to our partner, CVOEO, for helping us provide the tools, training, and resources necessary to make it successful.