CarShare Vermont for campuses


Free memberships for students, faculty, and staff!

Hey, lucky students, faculty, and staff at UVM and Champlain College, do you know how much your schools love you? Well, a lot. In their effort to help you get around and better the planet, they’re generously offering to help pay for your CarShare Vermont membership! Please thank them.

The colleges, together with CATMA and CarShare Vermont, are committed to reducing the impact of cars on the hill and around town without cramping your lifestyle. By locating CarShare Vermont cars right on campus and covering the cost of your membership – a $150 value – it’s easier than ever to give car-sharing a try.

Who’s eligible?

If you’re a full-time student, faculty, or staff at UVM or Champlain (part-time faculty and staff are also eligible at Champlain), chances are your school will cover the cost of our annual Share-a-Lot membership plan. You’ll take advantage of our lowest driving rates and have access to our entire fleet, on campus and off. Some restrictions apply so please be sure to check out the campus rates for eligibility requirements and details.

Learn more and sign up today!

Want to learn more about CarShare Vermont? Check out our car locations (we have two on each college campus, and many others around town), and make sure you’re eligible to join. Still got questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us. We’re here to help.