Good neighbors

CarShare Vermont’s mission is good for our community. Not only does our service directly improve air quality and traffic around town, it gets people out of their cars and engaging with their neighbors.

At the same time, CarShare Vermont helps make our transportation system more equitable by providing cars at a fraction of the cost of ownership. We’re working hard to make sure everyone can get where they need to go regardless of income, bringing more stability and economic health to our community. To help further our social mission, we’re thrilled to offer our MobilityShare program (coming January 2012) in partnership with CVOEO, which provides financial assistance to income-qualifying individuals and families that need a little extra help to access our service.

Together with the University of Vermont, Champlain College, and the Campus Area Transportation Management Association, we’re also trying to limit the number of cars that come to and park in town everyday. We thank and applaud UVM and Champlain for helping to generously underwrite the cost of our service for their affiliates, making it a more attractive option than bringing a car to Burlington.