Business rates

Our BusinessShare Plan serves organizations of all sizes. As always, rates include gas and comprehensive insurance.

BusinessShare rates
Membership fees
$20 to $40 monthly membership fee, depending on the size of your business.*
Get 2 months FREE by paying annually!
Driving rates
$6.00 per hour + 35¢ per mile
OR $69 per day (24 hours) & 125 included miles per reservation
35¢ per mile above 125*The pickup truck and minivan are 5¢ more per mile.
Application fee
$30 per driver (one-time)

* Up to 10 employees: $20 monthly fee per business (or $200 for the year)
11 to 40 employees: $30 monthly fee per business (or $300 for the year)
41 or more: $40 monthly fee per business (or $400 for the year) 

Looking to give your employees an awesome benefit?

Add CarShare Vermont to your benefits package. Some of our business members don’t actually need to use our service for work because they rarely have travel needs that require a car (yay for them!). Instead, they offer CarShare Vermont memberships to their employees as part of their benefits packages. We offer steep discounts to employers when they to choose to do this. Call us anytime at 802-861-2340 to discuss any of our business membership options.

What’s Included in a business membership?

Gas: There’s a gas card in every car, fill up on us.

Insurance: Your employee drivers are covered by premium auto insurance.

Parking: You’ll have a dedicated parking spot at the end of every trip.

Roadside assistance: If you break down, our emergency service will help you 24/7.

Ways to carry your stuff: Many of our cars have bike and ski racks; and when you need more cargo space, borrow Pippi the Tacoma truck.

Lots of availability: There are plenty of vehicles to go around; getting a car when you need one is easy.

No sign up fees for personal memberships: Employees can set up a personal membership with no additional sign up fees. This way they can share at work and at home.

Member perks: Being a CarShare Vermont member comes with a lot of discounts.

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Night Owl Rates
Enjoy 50% off our hourly rates from 10PM to 6AM!