Business rates

A CarShare Vermont business membership is a win-win for employers and employees. It’s an economical and convenient alternative to reimbursing for mileage (see our cost comparison) or renting cars. And by giving employees access to our shared fleet for their work travel needs, they can ditch their personal cars at home and choose other, healthier ways to commute.

Our BusinessShare Plan is a month-to-month option for organizations of all sizes.

BusinessShare Plan
Monthly membership fee
$20 to $40 monthly membership fee, depending on the size of your business*
Driving rates
$5.50 per hour + 30¢ per mile
OR $65 per day (24 hours) & 125 included miles per reservation
30¢ per mile above 125
Application fee
$30 per driver (one-time)

* Up to 10 employees: $20 monthly fee per business
11 to 40 employees: $30 monthly fee per business
41 or more: $40 monthly fee per business

  • The pickup truck and mini-van are $1 more per hour and $10 more per day.

Looking to give your employees a great benefit?

Some of our business members actually don’t need to use our service for work because they rarely have travel needs that require a car (yay for them!). Instead, they offer CarShare Vermont memberships to their employees as part of their benefits packages. We offer discounts to employees of these smart businesses so they’re doubly rewarded. For as little as $30 per employee (that’s a one-time fee), you, too, can become very popular.

We realize we’re presenting you with a lot of options for utilizing CarShare Vermont. The bottom line is that we’re flexible and we want to help you meet your goals. Call us anytime at 802-861-2340 to discuss any of our business membership options or share your ideas.

We take care of the hassles of owning a car so you don’t have to.

BusinessShare plans include:

  • Gas: There’s a gas card in every car, fill up on us.
  • Insurance: Your employee drivers are covered by premium auto insurance.
  • Parking: You’ll have a dedicated parking spot at the end of every trip.
  • Roadside assistance: If you break down, our emergency service will help you 24/7.
  • Ways to carry your stuff: Many of our cars have bike and ski racks; and when you need more cargo space, borrow Tammy the Tacoma truck.
  • Lots of availability: There are plenty of vehicles to go around; getting a car when you need one is easy.
  • Free personal membership for employees: Employees can set up a personal membership with no additional sign up fees. This way they can share at work and at home.
  • Member perks: Being a CarShare Vermont member comes with a lot of discounts.